Was Margaret Thatcher a good Leader?

There are some people who feel that she was not a good leader. However, I think those who have this view of her mistake her capability with her policies and actions. Of course she was a good leader. A leader by definition requires followers and for a Prime Minister to win 3 general elections, never to lose one and be more popular on the third than the first, she had many followers.

I, like many in this country, have become dismayed with UK governments pretty much since Margaret Thatcher left office on November 28th, 1990. Before and after her time as PM, we’ve had Prime Ministers who were, by comparison to Mrs T, weak. I am sure that many politicians goal is to become Prime Minister but Margaret Thatcher’s goal was not to become PM, but what she could achieve for the country as PM.

Regardless of the opinion on whether or not she did good or bad for the country, the truth is she was human and humans sometimes get things wrong. However, there is a difference between getting things wrong following ones ego and getting things wrong following ones conscience. Let’s face it, the country was in a hell of a mess before Thatcher came to power. Although only a young lad at the time, I recall the 3 day working weeks, the electricity black outs, rubbish piling up on the streets, the country was in a real mess. I also recall the power the Trade Unions held not just over Governments but over the country. Some blame Thatcher for destroying industry yet the truth is, we had pretty much destroyed it ourselves by poor workmanship and demands for ever-increasing wages. Just recall the UK motor industry of the 70’s, most of the cars produced in this country were of very poor standard which allowed Japanese and German motor cars to become more popular simply because they didn’t break down.

During the days since her death, she has been described as the greatest PM since Winston Churchill. Well I don’t know if that is true but one thing I do know is that Churchill saved us from a foreign enemy; Mrs T saved us from ourselves.

In my book, Margaret Thatcher was every inch a good leader, in fact a very good leader, the sort that we need again now!