Leadership Insights from Brexit

There are many leadership lessons to be learnt from Brexit particularly from the behaviour of politicians on both sides of the camp. The one that sticks out for me concerns the quality of relationship our leaders have with us, their people. David Cameron, possibly a good PM depending upon your viewpoint, had no clue to how people on the street felt running up to the referendum (well maybe he does now). Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage on the other hand where out there knocking doors, walking the streets and drinking in the pubs talking with ordinary people while Cameron was nowhere to be seen. This leadership flaw isn’t limited to politicians of course. I am still constantly amazed when leaders tell me that they know very little about their people. Some have no clue about the lives, the wants, the needs, the fears of the people they share a significant amount of time with each day, often more time than with their own families. How connected do we feel to those bosses that we believe know nothing about us? On the other hand, when our boss takes a genuine interest in us we feel a level of connection that otherwise would not exist. Leadership insight - know your people if you want your people to follow you.