Oxford Leadership

I have spent a good deal of time over the last few years working in my capacity as a Leadership Consultant with Oxford Leadership, one of the world’s top leadership consultancies. Oxford Leadership’s leadership programmes and change management consulting help top management in the execution of their plans by aligning people, culture and strategy with a purpose beyond product and profit.

I have worked with Oxford Leadership on many projects with large multi nationals such as Akzo Nobel, the world’s largest paint manufacturer and Telefonica o2, the telecoms giant based in Madrid, Spain, BASF the world's leading chemicals company and many others. My work with all of these organisations has been in the delivery and facilitation of amongst other initiatives, Oxford Leadership’s excellent Leadership programme, Self Managing Leadership. The SML is an intense ‘leadership from the inside out’ programme and in the case of the aforementioned companies, delivered to their senior Leadership teams.

About Oxford Leadership

Founded in Oxford, UK in 2005, Oxford Leadership™ has 20 Partners and over 200 people working throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

We design and facilitate customised leadership interventions that accelerate performance, help execute strategic plans, facilitate change, shape organisational culture and develop leaders who transform business for good. 

We help leaders develop the character, competence and judgment needed to steer complex global enterprises with a purpose beyond profits and products.

We believe leadership to be a potent combination of strategy, character, inspiration and a heart that cares. The world’s most admired, enduring companies have a compelling purpose that moves all who are connected to it.

Our Clients

We are consultants, coaches and mentors to the Boards, C-Suite Executives and Senior Management teams of many of the largest, most successful organisations in the world.

We work for blue-chip corporations, governments, public sector agencies and non-profit institutions in 28 countries.

We have supported the people and culture side of more than 100 global business turnarounds in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. 

Over 300,000 leaders from 90 countries have participated in Oxford Leadership™ programmes.