What’s the Big Deal about Leadership?

The subject of leadership fascinates me and has motivated me to dedicate the last 20 years of my working life studying the subject and sharing my thoughts and beliefs about what makes for effective leadership in an increasingly challenging world of business and commerce with leaders all over the world.

The world we live in is changing faster than ever before and that significantly impacts the way organisations do business and, crucially, how they manage their people. Thankfully the old hierarchical organisational structures are beginning to collapse and be replaced by leaner, more flexible ones. These flatter, more agile structures require a different type of leadership. Similarly the old ‘command and control’ style of leadership is fast disappearing (although there are still some great examples out there) and are being replaced by transformational models which instil both responsibility, pride and ownership in people whilst allowing them to grow as individuals and to feel sufficiently motivated to contribute more value to their organisations. From my experience, and from much of the current research out there, people find being led this way far more personally rewarding and motivational which in itself has a positive impact upon organisational performance and subsequently the bottom line.

The Leadership Challenge

Leaders of organisations today are challenged not just by the sheer complexity of running their companies but also by the challenge of engaging their people. Large organisations are complex but not in my opinion as complex as people. Mastering the will and motivation of people is the number one leadership skill and a skill that demands continual development. Creating an environment that encourages employee commitment, loyalty and high performance is no easy task, therefore mastering the skills of effective leadership is no longer a 'nice to do' but an absolute must do.

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Hello and welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to my website

As we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others
— Bill Gates